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Gregory W. Walton II

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Welcome to Dyverse Empowerment LLC. With being one of California's most highly skilled rising Life Coaches, I understand that life’s challenges are unique and complex to all individuals. As a fully Certified Life Coach serving all walks of life, I’m here to help you find yourself and realize your full potential. If you’re feeling lost, stressed, lacking motivation or just looking for a significant life change, I’ll show you how to move forward in a mindful manner.


The Coach

I am a fully certified and accredited Life Coach. I’ve been successfully guiding a diverse variety of individuals throughout the years, assisting them in facilitating their self-growth. I have personally persevered through many rough patches in life which have empowered me with first-hand knowledge, and gifts of wisdom to share with my clients. My philosophy is that it takes a holistic life coaching approach to overcome adversity or major setbacks that can obstruct our vision to success. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, or in need of guidance to help reach your dreams, my services aim to introduce clarity, emotional intelligence, and self-motivation to remove limiting beliefs. I also teach techniques to better manage

the emotional stress of everyday life.

Additionally, I am an International Published Author. My first book “Melanin Born Kings” is a educational children’s book for boys born into the African diaspora, it is available now on and Barnes & Noble! Get your copy today!


Master of Science in Criminal Justice - University of Southern California (2022)

Bachelors of Arts in Sociology - California State University of Sacramento (Magna Cum Laude)

*Selected as "Most Outstanding Graduating Senior" by the department of Sociology.

Associates of Arts in Sociology - Foothill College, Los Altos, CA (Magna Cum Laude)

Associates of Science in Medical - Heald College, San Jose, CA

Certificate No


Bridge Over River

Mission Statement: 

Passionately using my creativity and positivity to better the lives of my clients and inspire them through inner strength techniques. Additionally, Dyverse Empowerment provides clients with rejuvenating clarity to define their true values, along with various transformational tools to attain their biggest goals.

 My holistic Life Coaching principles will help guide my clients into alignment mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, gaining the ultimate human balance and oneness with themselves. When we as humans find balance within ourselves, we then begin to truly know who we are. Once you are centered, and discover your authentic self, only then can you find your divine purpose in life. 

“ Be bold, thrive, and live the life  you've always imagined! "  - Greg W.